Here's what some guests had to say about our parties:

'Hello Jessica and D I wanted to thank you both so much for such a wonderful evening last Friday! Having been to a number of naughty parties in London over the past year it was without exaggeration the best experience I've had - small intimate, elegant and tasteful with a wonderfully mindful connective vibe and fantastic attention to detail. You guys have amazing taste and created something really special. Thank you for the time and energy that went in and inviting me to share the evening! P x'

'Hi Jessica and D, thank you for creating such a beautiful space! I had such an amazing time and I have a feeling I've become a Pleasure Island junkie! It must be true, I'm already trying to organise coming to the next one! A xx'

''The event had every sensual delight I love and some I never even knew I would. Thanks for the amount of attention you put into making it happen. R''

'Thank you both so much for Friday, it was lovely and you set such a lovely tone with all the effort you made. Hope to see you again soon! xx T'

'Thank you both for last night, I feel like you know how to bring out the best in people. I couldn't be in a more suitable mood to go and exchange energy with people today. J'

''Hi Jessica and D, first of all...thank you so so much for the fabulous party last Friday. I had lots of fun and was really impressed by how well you and Dione held space and facilitated an evening with lightness, fun and sensuality. I'm delighted to have met you!' A'

'Thank you for holding such a caring and intentional space to play. Good and important work that you guys are doing. Best Wishes for the next year and lots of love. Y'

''Being completely newbies, we can honestly say that you two created such a safe, open and warm environment, which immediately put us at ease. Of course, there were some nerves for the unknown. But from the way you created the islands, with the mattresses and sheets, the lighting and the music, the way we were greeted and welcomed upon arrival (including the glitter corner), to the explanations you gave us before anything started... it all helped to relax and surrender. The circle exploration was a perfect setup, further breaking the ice and for me (us) killing the last nerves. With the group massages, you really created a perfect gateway to feel confident to start exploring on your own. The both of you were always there, watching us, making sure to check in on us, that we’re ok, cleaning up and genuinely seeming to enjoy it all as well... it couldn’t have been better. Jessica and D, you are GORGEOUS and are doing an amazing thing '


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