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Event dates & ticket links 2023



Jessica Parkers online talks/workshops 2023:

Mon 26th June - Vulva massage masterclass

Tues 11th July - Full body sensual massage masterclass

Wed 26th July - Female ejaculation 101 talk

Wed 9th August - Sex parties 101

Wed 30th August - Penis massage masterclass

Mon 11th September - Blow Jobs 101 talk

Wed 20th September - Vulva massage masterclass

Wed 4th Oct - Sex parties 101 talk

Wed 25th Oct - Penis massage masterclass

Mon 6th Nov - Vulva massage masterclass

Tues 28th Nov - Blow jobs 101 talk

Wed 6th Dec - Sex parties 101 talk


Want to learn sensual massage?

Many of our guests love to explore erotic touch and sensuality. Jessica and D offer customised private sensual massage experiences and tuition.  Please contact here for more info.


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