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Rules and regulations of Pleasure Island

  • Arrive on time as we cannot admit latecomers
  • Self care - be clear and listen to your own boundaries at all times and respect others boundaries
  • Discretion - What happens on the Island stays on the Island. If you choose to post about Pleasure Island on social media, please only describe your own experience, not someone else’s or who was there or where it was held.
  • Phones - Strictly no phones or cameras on the Island. If you need to check your phone, please do so in the bag area.
  • Pleasure Island takes place in a relaxing sensual venue. Please be respectful of the setting with regard to noise and cleanliness. Our central venues are kept totally secret and will be revealed to you on the morning of the party via email. For discretion, we ask that you also keep the exact venue secret.
  • Safe and consensual sex always -give people space, ask if you would like to join them
  • No drugs or intoxication, no pressure, you are welcome to bring your own alcohol, but please be aware that we do not tolerate alcohol or drug intoxication.


All your questions answered!


We recommend you use the NHS website for regularly updated information about all areas of concern, as well as updated advice regarding precautions.

Friendly reminder:

Please note that all tickets are non transferable/non refundable in all cases - if we are required to reschedule our event for any reason (eg lockdowns) your tickets will be transferred to the next available date. If you have to cancel for any reason then please note your ticket is non/transferrable/non-refundable.  There are a no exceptions to this.

Please do not purchase a ticket if there is a chance you may change your mind or not be available. For example: sickness, bereavements, changes in relationships and health, travel, family commitments, changes in being comfortable attending a party -  we fully understand and appreciate that there will always be extreme individual circumstances but we are unable to make any individual exceptions and still function as a business. We encourage you to be as informed as possible about what you're comfortable with in terms of attending an intimate event such as ours before you purchase a ticket.

We really appreciate your continued support, and your understanding of these terms and conditions, and we look forward to seeing you all on The Island!

The majority are M/F or F/F couples, play partners and friend pairs who attend our parties. For larger groups than pairs (e.g. thruples) and those that don't identify with M/F or F/F pairings (e.g non binary, queer) just follow the same registration process and get in touch. Though we ask that people attend our parties in pairs (if you're in an odd number arrangement thats also fine just make sure everyone in your pleasure tribe registers), this doesn’t mean you have to spend the whole evening together. In fact, we encourage exploration of new terrain on Pleasure Island! You will be responsible for your friend’s behaviour so please make sure they have read all the information here about etiquette.

Our selection process is such that we ensure we have spoken to you over the phone, or that one of our trusted Islanders has vouched for you. We only allow people to attend if we trust that you will understand the type of intimate sensual environment that makes Pleasure Island parties safe and enjoyable for everyone and agree to follow our sexual health and hygiene guidelines. We take safety, discretion and pleasure very seriously. This means we have clear expectations about behaviour, and know all our Island guests in some way in order to create our safe, connected and respectful space. If you have a friend/partner who you’d like to accompany you, who is not known to us, please get them to register. You will be responsible for your friend’s behaviour so please make sure they have read all the information here and the detailed information you will receive when you book. 

Nope! We're not a dating site and don't actively connect people, there are loads of sites and socials where you can meet like minded people - we hold information evenings called "Everything you wanted to know about sex parties but couldn't ask" where we give you explicit information about how and where to meet people interested in different sex parties. Please check our event diary for when the next one is. 

Take time over your appearance so you feel great. Wear what you feel sexy in. Let your preparation time before the party be like foreplay. You’ll need to arrive in smart (easy to remove!) clothes, but once you’re in Pleasure Island you'll be invited to remove your shoes and strip down to your sensual attire and get comfortable! e.g. lingerie, a robe, boxers. 

- A fun friendly respectful and sensual vibe!

- You're welcome to bring your own beverages and alcohol - light snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided, note you can't buy any alcohol at the venue 

 - Any toys or accessories or your own safe sex kit with your preferred brands/sizes (Note - all safe sex materials are provided at the party but you may want to bring your own also) 

Aside from being a small and intimate party by design, Pleasure Island is distinct for other reasons too:

  • Generally every  guy must be accompanied by a girl to attend and help balance the intimate parties (for people that don't identify with this arrangement just follow the same registration process)
  • It’s not about hardcore kink, spiritual sex rituals, what brand of underwear you’ve got, or competition
  • Nor does it leave pleasure seekers to it and hope for the best.
  • Your wellbeing matters to us, and to support you to have a great time, we will gently gather and guide you to awaken your senses and follow your own pleasure. We hold the space carefully, but encourage full-spirited freedom within the borders we create.

We only ask that you join us with an open mind and are respectful of everyone around you. You can choose to interact and engage as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Everything is an invitation and we are on hand to support or guide you if needed. That said, our parties are most suited to people who have an interest in exploring with others. Spectators in such an intimate space can be unnerving for some people, so our intention is to create as comfortable a space as possible for everyone present.

Get in touch and let us know as soon as possible. Please do be aware though, that we are not a dating service, so we accept no liability for your loss if you’ve bought tickets but cannot attend for this reason.

Generally, guests ages range from 20s to late 40s with most in their 30s that being said we don't have an age limit at all, if you think the vibe of Pleasure Island will suit you and you agree to our rules then you'll be most welcome! Demographic usually depends on what city we are in and is a reflection of the cultural diversity in that city e.g. London is quite culturally diverse so our parties tend to reflect that. Singles, couples, poly partners, playmates, friends of all ranges of experience levels attend, usually there is a third complete newbies trying things out for the first time, a third who have dabbled a bit in various types of play and a third who have loads of experience and been to many parties. As we don't belong to any particular 'scene' people from all backgrounds attend - kink, fetish, sex positive, tantric, swinging, BDSM, conscious/spiritual, queer and no particular scene at all! The main thing that draws people to Pleasure Island is usually wanting a more intimate, connective, sensual space. We've had people from all walks of life, backgrounds, identities abilities attend - from wheelchair users, people experimenting with cross dressing, gender identities and sexual orientations, different relationship arrangements, cultural and religious backgrounds - full range but mostly just your 'regular' person wanting to explore their sensuality.

We welcome everyone on arrival and talk through the rules, consent, safe sex practices before we get everyone nice and chilled and relaxed with just a bit of closing eyes and breathing - nothing too deep and meditative but it can just help all the nerves and anticipation settle. Then we guide a couple of touch and massage activities that are completely optional but really help set up the sensual vibe and flow for the rest of the evening rather than waiting for others to make a move or in some cases drinking too much to get confidence or waiting till the final hour of the party before anything happens! We make it super easy for you to connect with your own body and listening to what you might want to explore. The guidance aims to take all the 'head' talk and awkward small talk out for you and gives you something to connect with your fellow Islanders throughout the night 'hey that was a great shoulder massage earlier would you like to explore more' rather than 'do you come here often!'

Yep totally can happen, you can't force chemistry or attraction. Just because you attend sex parties doesn't mean that sex necessarily happens. Keeping an open mind without specific expectations is a must. Obviously, we won't trap you on the Island! If you feel it is not for you for any reason you are more than welcome to leave. 

Definitely not. We don't share names, pictures, contact details or anything about our guests. Ever. Absolute discretion and confidentiality at all times.

In London approximately every two months, usually one party on the Friday night and one party on the Saturday night. Same venue onthe Fri and Sat just different attendees although some guests prefer to come for both nights, especially new people so they can get an experience of the vibe and feel how they go then gain more understanding and confidence the second night.

Theres absolutely no pressure or expectation for you to do so! Theres plenty of sensual juicy vibes to soak up and enjoy without having sex. 

No problem at all, the main thing is do whatever you feel comfortable with - obviously bring whatever sanitary items you need to make you feel comfortable, some women use sponges during sex also, like with any situation you just need to communicate with yourself and those you want to interact with about each others boundaries and comfort levels.  Some women prefer not to come to the party if they have their period (please note we can't refund or exchange for this reason)

Thats completely normal and understandable, and kinda exciting that as adults we can still get overexcited! We do our upmost to make sure you're as comfortable as possible, and  you defiantly won't be the only one who is a little nervous we suggest taking things super slow before and as you arrive at the party so you arrive unrushed and relaxed.

Guests have been known to go through quite a personal journey after attending our events and open up their world to all sorts of things however please note this isn't a workshop or healing space where people are facilitated to go deep into whatever process they may want to. Please be clear on your own boundaries and establish your party agreements  with your partner(s) BEFORE you attend a party. A party isn't the time or place to work through issues safely - nor is it much fun for other guests and hosts to have to deal with emotional fall outs. If you're not sure if you or your relationship is ready for a party and would like to explore and talk about things or your own issues then Jessica offers a 15min free Skype call for those interested in working through anything that comes up before, during or after the parties. To arrange a session or intro call please go to:

Absolutely not, we have all types of bodies and people that attend, attractiveness is completely subject to a beautiful and vast array of flavours, shapes, sizes and combos! Our main criteria is that you're healthy, hygienic and have a sexy/attractive attitude towards following our rules and practicing consent and generally just like being nice to people!

Hell yes! The co-founder Jessica was pregnant and hosted Pleasure Island throughout her entire pregnancy and actively encourages and celebrates any pregnant person wanting to attend. You will be safe, comfortable and probably even have extra special offers of foot massages if you like! Some women feel they need to hide away during this time or fear they'll be fetishised (or may indeed want to be!) wherever you're at please just let the hosts know and we'll be happy to make you feel comfortable. 

We make sure all guests take ownership of their own self care"> at all times and listen to what is right for them and be able to have the language (non verbal and verbal) to be able to communicate their boundaries.  This can be interesting to navigate for some people in a party environment and life in general! Our hosts are always on hand to talk to and to give guidance to help maintain the safest environment possible. If there is any issue during the party it is imperative that you let the hosts know as soon as possible otherwise they can't do anything about the situation. 

Safe sex at all times. Condom usage is mandatory, dental dams and gloves for other types of interactions are strongly and actively encouraged and provided for. 

Jessica and D and the Pleasure Island team will always hold the space for the parties and don't actively get involved during the parties to create a safe and attentive atmosphere, if you'd like a private session with them please go to: 

Pleasure Island Parties don't have a major drinking party vibe, you're welcome to bring your own alcohol and note there are no facilities to purchase alcohol at the party nor do we provide alcohol. Please note that if your consumption becomes an issue for guests or the hosts you will be asked to leave immediately. 

Pleasure Island doesn't belong to one particular 'scene' so we get different people from all sorts of other types of parties that have different etiquettes and norms when coming to gendered pricing, and gender balance, inclusivity and ways of using language when addressing people with pronouns and consent. We aim to make our parties as accessible as possible for anyone to attend wether they're just starting out their explorations or have been actively involved in a community for a while. Our intention is to normalise pleasure, empower people to have permission to seek pleasure. Pleasure Island won't suit everyone and thats> cool, the beauty of variation is that there are many other types of parties to explore and experiment with - we encourage you to try find the ones that suit you! Given that our parties only have maximum 30 attendees and the commercial reality that we get a lot of single heterosexual males register we do have a preference of ensuring single guys attend with a female partner. We're not an exclusively 'gay/queer' party nor are we a 'straight couple swap' type party. The majority of attendees are usually heterosexual, heteroflexible and/or bisexual ish or just open to explore. In our guided touch tours at the beginning of the night one component is more of a female/male set up - we can defiantly cater and adapt this particular activity for those that aren't comfortable with this if we know in advance. 

  Please ask them politely and respect their answer, don't ask us a week after the party! We're not a dating site :-) 

If we find it we will hold it for 48 hours before giving it to charity (if its charity shop friendly!) we hold no responsibility for left behind items.

We will arrange a quick video/voice call as per your availability that you indicate, we always prefer to have a quick friendly chat with each new guest so we can ensure that Pleasure Island is what they're looking for and to help us as hosts to create a nice, safe and welcoming atmosphere at our parties. Once 'approved' you'll be given a password to secure your tickets to the event date or dates that you're interested in.

Very quick -  all the earlybird tickets are sold out for ALL of the 2019 parties already! As soon as you definitely know you can make a party then we strongly suggest you get a ticket - we always have long waiting lists for each party so don't leave it too late and be disappointed. 

Generally £150 per couple/pair e.g. one ticket equals 2 x guests. Very limited single tickets are available for each event .triad tickets available on request

We understand not everyone has someone to attend with them, our parties are very small and intimate in order to keep a safe and friendly vibe we only sell tickets in pairs (no single tickets). This gives everyone a buddy to be able to check in with and look out for during the party.

We encourage you to attend Jessica Parkers regular Sex Parties 101 online talks or contact her direct to arrange a private one on one session where she can give information and guidance as to how could go about meeting potential party partners.

We want to make sure that every person that attends has read and understood all the FAQs and our terms and conditions so they are fully informed about how we run the parties and the rules/boundaries. We made this rule after an occasion where one partner vouched for both parties - however when they turned up the other partner obviously wasn't completely sure what they were attending. This isn't safe (or fun!) for us as hosts or the other attendees.


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To maintain the intimate feel of our parties, we accept only maximum 30 guests. Be sure to register in time!

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