Pleasure Island Parties

by Ebony and Ivory

Guided, intimate pleasure parties for adults seeking to explore their sensuality
in safe, beautiful environments.


A warm welcome to Pleasure Island Parties…a luxurious sanctuary for people to explore pure pleasure in an environment designed to arouse and ignite the senses. Your hosts Jessica and D delight in holding beautiful spaces where guests are free to embark on a pleasure journey... Before you register to escape the mainland and set sail to the sensual shores of Pleasure Island, we ask that you navigate the information below, to be sure you understand how things work at our sumptuous play parties. Please contact us if there is anything you are unsure of, and we will be happy to guide you to ensure smooth sailing.


• A party focused on sensual pleasure and playfulness
• About embodied sensation, not performance
• For couples, play partners, and other pairings such as intimate friends - limited single tickets are available per event
• A safely-held space to ensure people can feel free to explore their erotic joy
• Intimate, with a limit of 20 - 30 people per party depending on location
• Created in the sumptuous surroundings of a 5* hotel or beautiful private venue


Each event will be slightly different, but the main format of the evening is: • Arrive early evening at a specified timeframe at the venue usually between 8:30pm & 9pm
• Your hosts will greet you and give you a tour of the facilities, and show you where to change and get comfortable
• We welcome everyone on arrival and talk through the rules, consent, safe sex practices before we get everyone nice and relaxed and settled into the space. Then we guide you through a couple of touch and massage activities to get to know your fellow Islanders that are completely optional but really help set up the sensual vibe and
• free flow for the rest of the evening.
• 1:30am Island time farewell and departure


Whatever you and the people you connect with want to happen within the boundaries that your Pleasure Chieftains set! Pleasure Island parties begin with an introduction on safety, boundaries and consent, to help ensure people feel equipped and can play well together. Guided 'Touch Tours' will help you to connect with your fellow Islanders and provide an opportunity to share desires. Then, it’s free-flowing sensual fun for the rest of the evening!


Our central city venues are kept secret and will be revealed to you on the morning of the party via email. For discretion, we ask that you also keep the exact venue secret.


We always make sure that our Islanders understand and practice consent wholeheartedly, respecting their own and others’ boundaries. When you register we make sure that you understand and agree to our rules and regulations to make it a safe place for you and all our guests and also us as hosts holding the space. We always guide you through consent practices and etiquette at the beginning of your time on Pleasure Island so that everyone can have a wonderful time on our shores. Here are some basic consent tips:

- No is a complete sentence and doesn't need to be justified or explained
- Yes means yes in that moment, not always
- Maybe means there is a possibility for playful negotiation or offerings of alternatives


Safer sex is the only kind of sex that happens on Pleasure Island. We provide a selection of condoms, lube, and gloves for your use, but you are also welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
As we are a safe sex environment we expect all our guests to have regular sexual health check ups and take responsibility for their interactions which may include not being able to attend a party if they have any contagious health concern (sexual or otherwise).


We take sexual health and safe sex practices very seriously so here's a few points to note. Due to Pleasure Islands intimate nature with lots of body to body contact happening - which is always completely optional - we kindly request that you respect and take the following precautions:


Explore yourself and pleasure in many different ways!

We offer other environments to support you on your pleasure journey:

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